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After the floating world

A solo exhibition of abstract paintings inspired by Japanese prints at HOURS on 8, 9 10 October, 2021.

The Japanese term Floating World was an expression of the new economy and social ambitions of the Edo period (1615-1868). Woodblock prints were produced in huge numbers at that time. Some of the best artists were Hiroshige, Hokusai and Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

These prints introduced new ideas to 19th century European landscape painting, such as a limited number of colors (Nigel limits himself to four in each painting) and bold compositions. Originally the prints had strong vibrant colors but over the decades many have faded, and Nigel has reproduced this soft faded appearance in some of his new paintings.

HOURS Gallery, is at 10 Colston Yard, accessed from Colston Street, through an archway between Bike Workshop and Blaze. For sat nav use ‘Colston Street’. The postcode is BS1 5BD. Exhibition opens from 6.00 – 9.00 p.m. on 8th October, and continues on 9th and 10 October from 11.00 – 6.00.


You can see some of my paintings today at Lowlands

72 Colston St, Bristol BS1 5BB

Lift your eyes to heaven
Leaping the dragon’s gate